22 August 2014

Retrocraft: Tiny macrame plant hanger

Macrame is a craft that I've been wanting to try for a while, after admiring some plant hangers that other people had made. It's also a craft that I grew up with - my mum was very into it for a while, and made wall-hangings like a huge elephant head, a giraffe, and an owl (which is still on the wall!).

Mum still had her macrame things, and gave them to me so I could try it out. So I used a real vintage macrame board for this project!

I decided to start small, very small! This plant pot is only about one inch tall!

1. The plant pot was green, so I spray painted it copper and added a tiny succulent cutting.
2. I cut eight pieces of thin twine, and tied them all together in a knot near one end.
3. I pinned the knot to the macrame board, placed four pins in a square, and at each pin I tied two strands in a knot.
4. I placed another 4 pins outside this in a square, and took one strand from each of the pins on either side.
5. I unpinned it and gathered all the strands together, placed the plant pot in it, and tied a knot at the top!

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