22 October 2014

Felt llama

I couldn't have a month of Peru related crafts without a few llama inspired items! I've already made a carved llama pendant, and today I'm showing you how to make a cute, soft, llama ornament from felt!

To make the felt llama, all you'll need is felt, thread, stuffing material, and a small length of ribbon. Good colours of felt to use are beige, cream or dark brown, anything on the brown spectrum really!

1. Draw your llama design, or print out the one I've drawn. Cut this out and use it as a pattern to cut out two llama shapes, and two layers of saddle that use the top of the saddle as a fold line.

2. Sew the layers of saddle together, and add any embroidery you desire to them. Embroider the mouth and eye on the llama pieces (remember to make them a mirror image of each other!). 

3. To add the ear tassels, thread your needle with 6 strands of embroidery thread, tie a knot about half a centimetre from the end, and pull this through from the front to the back of the fabric, fastening off at the back.

4. Sew the saddle onto the two llama pieces, and sew the ribbon just in front of the saddle.
5. Sew around the llama, leaving an inch or two open so that you can stuff it.

6. Using soft toy stuffing or similar, stuff the llama. Use long tweezers to get it into the head, neck and legs.

You can use your llama as an unusual Christmas tree ornament, as a pet for a doll, for hanging from a handbag, or simply for hanging around your home wherever you choose.

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