30 September 2020

This month I have been mostly...



I've been continuing with the Typography Life Drawing from Typetasting, and really getting a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from them. I've now got a few sketchbooks full of drawings and notes from them!

I spent an evening watching the live musical Romantics Anonymous from the comfort of my living room. It was absolutely magical, and very reminiscent of Amelie which I'd enjoyed so much last year. I've been waking up in the night with the songs running through my head, and I've ordered the DVD of the movie it was based on.

We've been having a huge clearout at work after my boss retired (who had hoarded lots of stuff for 40 years!), and found out that my new boss is someone I've known for 26 years and get on brilliantly with.

I got asked for ID when buying booze at M&S - at the age of 49 and a half! It's the first time in three years I've been asked for ID, so face coverings have another benefit!

Afternoon tea with my two best pals from high school had to be cancelled because three households are not allowed to meet up, but we are really looking forward to doing it when we can.

I took a long weekend, and on the Friday I had my first time on public transport and in Edinburgh since the 1st of February. Dressed in my 60s dress, I went to see the Mid-Century Modern exhibition at Dovecot, which had lots of Mary Quant items in it. Then, the following weekend, I drove to Dundee to see the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A, again wearing my funky dress! The exhibitions were wonderful, and I was really pleased that I was able to go to them both, because the rising coronavirus figures had me worried we'd be back in lockdown before I got to the V&A!

I spent a weekend watching the Bloody Scotland crime festival online. One benefit of watching it online was the opportunity to see so many different authors speak, unlike when I went to it in Stirling and could only see a few. I've come away from it with ideas of a lot more books I'd like to read!

I got my flu vaccination at Boots, the day before they announced they were going to suspend new bookings due to unprecedented demand! I felt a bit guilty that I was able to get mine before those who are getting them from the NHS, but my parents got their appointments through for the following week so I felt a bit better about it then!


I ordered a Lost Stock box, and I have some mixed feelings about that. The tops that I got are all ones that I'll wear, but two of them didn't match the preferences I'd stated. I don't think I'd order again.

I bought a limited edition floral jumpsuit from @lauracharleydesign, and took some selfies wearing it at a new mural I'd just discovered near my house. I've now ordered a matching mask!

I went a bit mad buying Mary Quant stuff. I bought some things when I was at Dovecot, then, when I wasn't sure if I'd get to the V&A in Dundee, I splurged on the V&A's website, buying a t-shirt, bag, earrings, etc!

I've ordered myself a skipping rope - nostalgia has been a big thing for me during this strange year! I had thought of buying roller skates, until my friend who's the same age broke her wrist while using hers! I've also been going on the local swings when there are no children about.


I bought some retro fabric from Spoonflower, so that I could make a mask to wear with my 60s dress. That was why I could finally go to the two exhibitions, because I had the full matching outfit!


I'm hooked on Diagnosis Detectives. I reactivated my Netflix because I was a bit bored with what's on TV, but haven't got hugely into anything on there at the moment. I'd cancelled my Netflix just a few days before lockdown started, and have lasted all the way until now without it!

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