23 February 2020

Making Memories

After Christmas I bought myself the book The Art of Making Memories by Meik Wiking. I have enjoyed Meik Wiking’s other books, and my friend Marceline had told me that she felt that she and I both create and record our memories in many of the ways recommended in the book, so I was interested to read about this subject. 

I took lots of notes from the book, then transferred them to my bullet journal (the bullet journal itself being one of the many ways that I plan memorable experiences and record them) - I took so many notes that I needed a couple of double-page spreads to write them down! I also record my memories in lots of other ways like my diary, blog, photos, moleskine sketchbook, travel journals, and collecting souvenirs. Zoom in on the pictures above to see the things I found most interesting in the book. I based my drawings on the lovely illustrations in the book.
One of my favourite concepts in the book was the idea of the hippocampus in the brain as a hippo that is a film director, and the idea of feeding that hippo by paying full attention to all aspects of the scene around us.

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