16 January 2020

Vietnam: souvenirs

I bought lots of souvenirs in Vietnam! My favourite shop was a tiny ceramics shop in the old town of Hanoi, called Cerender. I bought a small cup, a spoon, and two little dishes, and if I ever go back to Vietnam it's top of my list of places to go back to!

I got a t-shirt at the airport when I was leaving Vietnam and wanting to use up some of my cash. I love the colours and have worn it a lot. It goes well with the necklace I bought in Phan Thiet.

The museum shops were good places to shop. I bought this enamelled silver lotus flower necklace at the War Remnants Museum, and it was the most expensive purchase of my trip. It came in the lovely box below. 

I loved the shop at the Women's Museum. It was the first place I really had a chance to shop, and it had some lovely products including the bunnies above and below.

I got some pretty zipped pouches, the ones above at an airport and the lingerie one below at a service station that had a huge shop!

Of course I got postcards, and the fan was a very necessary purchase on a day when the temperature was about 32 degrees.

We stopped at a pearl centre, where the pearl jewellery was expensive but I got these two necklaces which were not quite as expensive!

I'd taken my yellow Kanken backpack to use on holiday, but I was finding it a bit big, so I got this fake Kanken mini for about £7! The gourd keyring was from one of the museum shops, and it has my chinese zodiac animal, the pig, on it.

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jujupage1 said...

Those bunnies look so cute! The postcards and the t-shirt also look cool! 😊💜

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