29 January 2020

My fan collection

My collection of fans is something that happened quite by accident - in fact until I gathered them together for these photos I had no idea I had quite so many! But I suppose that 4 trips to Asia, where they are a natural thing to buy as a souvenir, and the others that have been picked up along the way, all add up! Since they were spread around the house, either as decor or in places they might be useful, I didn't realise how many I had.
And this is not the whole collection, because I have at least one in my drawer at work! It's a purple Spanish one that I bought for practical reasons at the local charity shop on a very hot day!

My most recent fan purchase, from Vietnam, is another one that was bought because it was a very hot day!

Free fan from a play at the Edinburgh Fringe by a Japanese group, and a secondhand woven fan.

The other side of the free Japanese fan

Found this fan when clearing my Gran Reid's house. The paper on it was completely falling apart so I replaced it with this wrapping paper.

This was bought from a craft centre in Kyoto on my first trip to Japan.

A brush-painted fan I bought in China

 I think I bought this at a museum of traditional crafts on my second visit to Kyoto

I love this old fan that I found in a charity shop. It looks like someone has been practicing their signature on the back, or maybe repeatedly writing the name of the person they love, but I can't make out the writing very well. My best guess is J Currie.

Folded paper fan from a dollshouse magazine

Blank fans for future craft projects!

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