03 November 2019

Sunday self-portraits: Amélie

I decided to get dressed in full Amélie style when I went to see the musical. I found the perfect Amélie coat in a charity shop, swithered over the purchase for a few days (because I already had a green coat, and also because it was £12.99!), then headed back to find it had been reduced to half price! I then had a quick look round the other charity shops for a red t-shirt, and found one for only £1, and I wore these with a charity shop polka-dot skirt that was 50p, and chunky shoes. I accessorised with a green M&S bag that I’ve had for about 10 years. 
The coat and t-shirt were some of my last purchases before I started a clothes spending freeze for September that I hope to continue until the end of the year. They got a lot of wear during #secondhandseptember when I only wore secondhand clothes. 
A lot of people complimented me on my new hairstyle when I shared photos online and wore the same look to work, but the truth is that I only cut the fringe and pinned the rest up underneath at the back!
Of course, I had to include some Amélie-ish props in the photos, like the little gnome-like doll, and the teaspoon!

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