12 August 2019

Where to buy colourful clothes

I wrote recently about why I like to wear colourful clothes, so now here are my tips about where to buy them!

I've bought countless pairs of Lucy & Yak dungarees, a couple of dungaree dresses, and a jumpsuit. The limited edition print dungarees are always fabulous! They also do great funky trousers.

Lucy & Yak dungarees, Seasalt top, secondhand beads

Great for fun patterned clothing in fabulous 1980s-style prints. I got a striped top that reminds me of the packaging of Refreshers sweeties, and goes with just about anything!

Boden trousers, Dreamland top, secondhand jacket

My brightly coloured trousers have all come from Boden - I've got a zingy yellow pair, a bright pink pair, emerald green ones, and teal ones (and a few in more subdued colours!). They are also a great source of my trademark stripey tops.

Secondhand kimono jacket, Seasalt dress

This is the other place I get a lot of stripey tops, and also patterned dresses.

Seasalt dress, Cambridge Satchel bag, secondhand scarf

Independent designers on Etsy
These are a great source of screenprinted t-shirts etc. I recently got the "Creativity is a Way of Life" t-shirt from A Spoonful of Sugar.

Secondhand coat, Boden jumper

Great for colourful handbags!

Secondhand jumpsuit

Charity shops, vintage stores, car boot sales, and kilo sales, are all great sources of fun items. Dresses are my main secondhand buy, and I've managed to find some in great patterns and colours.

Secondhand cardigan and bag

 Secondhand dress

 Secondhand dress

 Secondhand t-shirt

Secondhand dress, Cambridge Satchel bag, grumpy look model's own!

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