30 August 2019

This month I have been mostly...

I did Kirkcaldy Parkrun for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. Although there's a hill, and you have to do it twice, the hill is over and done with a lot more quickly than the one at Lochore! I was still just over the 30 minutes, but getting closer!
I went to see Amélie the Musical in Glasgow, and had a wonderful time which I'll write about in more depth soon. I dressed in full Amélie style with my hair up in a faux bob. I've also started an Amélie inspired art project.
I finished watching Killing Eve. I resubscribed to Netflix on the day the second series of Mindhunter was released, and watched it all in a day! Since then I've been getting really into the Miss Fisher Mysteries (a friend had recommended it ages ago because she thought I'd love Miss Fisher's style - she was right!). I've been watching a documentary series about the Vietnam War because I'm going on holiday to Vietnam later in the year.

I've not read a lot since I broke off on my summer holidays - I was too busy during my holidays and when I went back to work. At the start of the month I was reading a Brunetti book by Donna Leon, a French graphic novel about Anne Frank, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, and re-reading I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, and I still haven't finished any of them!

Inspired by Elsie Larson I've started a music jar. I went through my phone and listed all the artists I have 10 songs or more by, and placed the names in a jar. I'm picking one a week at random to listen to, and I have enough to last just over a year. So far I've picked King Creosore, and Mind.in.a.box out of the jar. I also listened to the Amélie soundtrack a lot this month.

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