05 May 2019

I love… Butterflies

When I saw the butterfly enamel pins by Darwin Designs I was hit by a huge wave of nostalgia, and I had a think about the reasons for this. Mainly it was because of a little cream enamel butterfly necklace I’ve had since I was a wee girl, and used to wear nearly all the time. It’s a bit too small to wear comfortably now, but I’ve been thinking that I could add an extension to the chain to make it wearable. Over the years I’ve picked up a couple of other butterfly necklaces too. 
Another reason for my butterfly nostalgia was the Flutter-Byes badges that were a giveaway from Tudor Crisps. I can remember my gran saving these for me. Unfortunately they disappeared somewhere over the years, so I’ve been thinking about getting some from eBay. 
I also really loved looking at all the bright iridescent butterflies in the museum, and at the display cases of butterflies that used to be in the Biology dept at work, I’ve been to see some real tropical butterflies at St Andrews Botanic Garden (and may go back to see them again this year), and I’ve got an Observer book of butterflies.

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