05 March 2018

Bullet journal ideas: Plant care

Last week there was the worst snow I've ever seen, my work was closed, and we were told to work from home. One of the things I did was to read up on plant care, because we look after the plants for the science department. I learned a lot including that some plants like to have their leaves misted, which I've never done before. That evening I thought it would be good to put some of my notes into my bullet journal, for my own use, because I have some of the same plants at home.
I made the information for each plant as if it was a little collector's card for that plant, with a picture and some bullet points on its care. I've still to add a drawing of an orchid because I'm not sure whether to draw the one I have at home or the ones we grow at work.
I think this is my second-favourite page in my bullet journal so far, after another one that uses the same pen and lettering, so I have decided to use this a lot more!


Hana said...

LOVE this layout! Love it so much I'm actually adding this inspiration to my bullet journal :) Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

you should publish, i would buy this book! 😀🪴

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