27 January 2017

Scandi cushion

When I got my porch done up a few years ago I was really looking forward to sitting there and enjoying the view of my garden. I then saw an amazing high-backed wicker chair and this was the only place I could think of to put it. But the chair is not very comfortable to sit on! During the Christmas holidays I had the great idea that I could swap it with the rocking chair in my bedroom, which is only used to throw clothes on anyway!
Once I moved the rocking chair to the porch I decided it was in need of a cushion, and I remembered this lovely fabric I'd bought last year with the intention of making some sort of cushion for the porch area. I quickly sewed up a cushion, and stuffed it with an old pillow!

The cushion goes really well with the Scandi-style Christmas decorations that I haven't taken down yet - they will do just as well for Valentine's Day and beyond!

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