24 December 2016

Christmas gift tags

Do you need an idea for some last-minute home-made gift tags? These are so quick and easy to make! If you don't have a circular punch you can draw circles by hand.

1. Punch some holes in white card using a circular punch about 1 inch in diameter, then cut around the holes with a pair of paper edging scissors.
2. Punch some peach or pink paper with the punch. Draw faces on these.

3. Cut some red or blue card into the shape of a body and head. The head needs to be a little bit larger than the circle punch.

4. Glue the peach and white pieces to the head.

5. Thread some red and white string through the neck area using a large needle, and tie a knot in the end.
6. You can stamp the recipient's initial on the front if you like, and write your message on the back.

These were partially inspired by my mini-inuit from a few years ago, who also featured on some of my cards this year.

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