21 November 2016

GHS 50

Glenrothes High School's 50th anniversary celebrations took place earlier this month! I've worked at the school for 22 years, and my dad also worked there, so I was keen to get involved with helping to organise the anniversary events in some way.
I'd found some old odds and ends around the school, so I said that I'd help with the displays of old memorabilia and photos. This involved a lot of digging around in the school, online, and in libraries and archives. I also did a bit of work towards compiling the list of staff addresses and made some props for the photobooth. This has all been a huge amount of work (I've been going in early, staying late, and working on it during my lunch breaks and at evenings and weekends over the past few months, since it's not really technician work!), but it was all worthwhile in the end!
We had an open evening and a Saturday open day, and there was a formal event with invited dignitaries on the actual anniversary of the opening of the school.

Both events were really busy, and I enjoyed meeting former staff and pupils from my time at the school, and from my dad's time there.

And it was great to get a photo of Dad at the spot of one of my earliest memories of the school, the bench in his room where he showed us burning magnesium!

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