01 September 2016

Mosaic box

One of my favourite items that I've made is a little mosaic dish. I often spot it sitting on a shelf, and feel quite pleased with myself for having made it! So I decided to make this mosaic box to match.
Both the dish and the box are based on the mosaic designs that I saw at a lovely park on the coast in Lima, Peru, called the Parque del Amor (Park of Love). There's a large statue in the middle, El Beso by Victor Delfin, of an embracing couple, and round the edges are undulating walls decorated with mosaics in a love theme, with hearts, flowers, and names.
I used a mosaic kit that I got from a car boot sale to decorate both the dish and the box. I bought the kit, which contained a wooden tray to decorate, for just £1. I recently saw the same kit retailing for £37.99 in a craft shop!

I like the idea of taking a kit and using it to make something slightly different from the picture on the box. Instead of making the fleur-de-lis tray, I have made this box, the dish, a clay pendant, and I still have the undecorated tray left to use for another project, as well as enough mosaic tiles and grout for another tiny project (I don't know what yet!).

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