05 July 2016

transFORM art exhibition

Each week I go to choir at the Rothes Halls in Glenrothes, and on the upstairs landing there are often art exhibitions (it reminds me of when there used to be the Corridor Gallery at the swimming pool, and I'd look at exhibitions there when my brother was at swimming lessons!). The displays are always interesting, but this one is the best I've seen there yet. The exhibition was called transFORM, and it featured four artists: Nathalie Cortada, David Henderson, Robert Mach, and Keiko Mukaide.
When I came up the stairs I was intrigued to see what looked like a pink metallic Buddha head. This was interesting enough in itself, but when I came closer and saw that it was covered with Tunnock's Teacake wrappers I grinned! I love Tunnock's Teacakes, and I've done a few craft projects based on them myself (a card and some felt brooches). 
I love to see craft projects that involve recycling, and that's what the whole exhibition was about - creatively reusing man-made items, whether they were sweetie wrappers, cassette tape, or teacups. As well as the pink buddha there was a blue one, made from the dark chocolate teacake wrappers, many collage pictures made from foil wrappers, items knitted from tape, and a sculpture of old teacups and mug trees.
Everyone else in the choir was fascinated by the exhibition too, and we spent our short break looking at, discussing, and photographing the artworks. There were many comments about how many Tunnock's Teacakes the artist must have eaten! It was a really inspiring exhibition and made me think about how I could reuse and recycle items in my art and craft work.

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