19 July 2016

Spa in the City

After enjoying Spa in the City so much last year, I had marked it in my calendar as a must-do in May. May came and went, with no sign of Spa in the City, so I thought they were not having it, or that it had come and gone without me noticing, but it turned out that it was in July instead, so I hadn't missed out! This time I dragged along my friend Caroline (not that she needed much persuasion!).
I knew from the queues last year that it would be a good idea to be there at 8.30, but this seemed like less of a good idea when dragging myself out of bed at 6.30 for a 7.30 train... on one of the few days of the year that I was guaranteed to have a hangover, since the previous day was the end of term!

But we got there in good time, got a decent place in the queue, and (eventually) got our goodie bags (they ran out at one point so we went back for them when we spotted other folk getting theirs!).
We booked appointments in the Toni & Guy tent, got a free taster of frozen yoghurt, went to a tea and chocolate tasting by the East India Company, got our makeup done by Glamcandy. Then we went to the Toni & Guy tent where we allowed the stylist complete freedom over how she put our hair up - Caroline ended up with an Ab-Fab style that was knotted up the back, and I had a bun at the back made of complex twists.
Then we went to a cocktail demo by Elements (mmmmmmm, those cocktails were tasty!) and to an eyebrow demo by Benefit.
After all that we were starving, so headed to McDonalds!

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