01 November 2015

Recently thrifted

I've had a lot of recent fun thrifty finds, like this little blue house money box. It's of a similar style to the ones by the airline KLM.

These amazing Russian pins are my new addiction on Etsy! The designs of them are so retro and they are really cheap. I loved the face one (reminds me of Jonathan Adler's vases, and may inspire some future craft projects), with text on it meaning Peace, and the adorably cute circus lion. The other one was a free gift from the seller and says Minsk on it. I'm kind of glad to have three, because a group of three looks good worn together. The pins on the back are very small and delicate, so I may glue larger pins on them.

Seventies-style place mats.

 A cute Bambi-style duvet cover, which will be used for some future craft projects, probably!

A Moomin-chair! Which may also be used as a doll's chair. And is the same style as a full-sized rattan chair I have.

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