28 October 2014

Letter frames

Here's the final tutorial of my month of Peru-inspired crafts, but these letter frames are something that could be used for lots of other purposes! You could use them for a name (for a child's bedroom), or with a seasonal word, like Spring or Autumn, as part of a seasonal display.

This is a really easy craft that takes less than ten minutes!

I used a small set of Ikea frames that I found in a charity shop, but you could use larger frames. I think it looks good having a mixture of sizes and shapes of frames.

1. Lay out your frames to decide how to arrange them.
2. Select some patterned paper and coloured card that will work well together.
3. Cut patterned paper to the same sizes as the frame backs.
4. Cut plain coloured card into letter shapes. Make sure they will fit in the frame apertures! You'll see from how I did the P and e that you don't need to cut out the holes in the middle of the letters.
5. Stick the coloured card to the patterned paper.
6. Put the paper inside the frames, and arrange them in order!
Come back tomorrow to see the display I've put together of my Peruvian crafts!

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