16 July 2014

Mackintosh inspired clay mosaic pendant

I love the tile inlays used in some of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's buildings. Arrangements of squares are a motif that he used a lot, and blue is a colour he used frequently. So when I acquired some blue mosaic pieces I knew immediately what I wanted to try with them!

Materials: White polymer clay, mosaic pieces, liquid clay, varnish

1. Roll the clay flat (I used a piece of paper on top to keep the clay clean) 
 2. Place the mosaic pieces in place
 3. Press the mosaic pieces down until they are level with the clay
 4. Trim the edges, and poke a hole at the top
5. Add liquid clay on the top
6. Bake according to the instructions on your clay
7. When it is cool, varnish the pendant


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this method! Can you tell me where to get the small glass tiles? I don't seem to be able to find them in craft stores. Thank so much!

Emma said...

Thanks! They came as part of a mosaic kit, so I had guessed that you would be able to buy them separately as mosaic supplies. Perhaps you could buy larger mosaic squares and break them up?

Lauren said...

What is the purpose of the liquid clay? Thanks.

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