27 April 2011

Recent vintage and thrifted finds

At an antiques fair recently I got:
A Chinese mother and baby fabric doll (£4)
A pretty dish with cherry blossom type flowers, by Winterling, Bavaria (£1)
A gorgeous (supposedly 1930s) Japanese koi dish (50p) which I just spotted by chance when my dad lifted a watch that was on top of it!
Bright green and orange vintage beads (£2 each). These have turned out to be "in" colours this season, and I'm wearing them a lot!
Japanese paper box (£1 I think)

In the local charity shops at the weekend I got:
A tiny bamboo steamer (50p)
A Royal Doulton Frost Pine jug and bowl (£5)
A bowl similar to the one I already use for green tea (99p)
A vintage brooch (99p)
A St Michael scarf with lovely orange, gold and navy colours on it(99p)
A tiny wooden bed with two teeny people in it (25p)
A little dish with apple blossom on it (seems like I'm starting a collection of little dishes!) (50p)
A bangle with little baskets hanging from it (25p)

In another charity shop last week I got this tiny vase, marked Foreign, for 10p! And I had found 10p on the ground shortly before that, so it seemed like fate!

Another recent find at a charity shop was a little blue birdie, I think he was about 99p.


Construction machinery auction said...

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Emma said...

Errrrr... Thanks, but none of these items is leather, and I didn't mention anything about cleaning them!

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