24 June 2019

Orla Kiely talk

I’d been to see the Orla Kiely exhibition at Dovecot Studios a few months ago, then a friend told me that Orla herself was going to do a talk there so I immediately booked up. 
I was able to sit quite near the front so I got a good view. It was fascinating to hear Orla talk about how she got into designing, a bit about her design process, and how she works with other companies who use her designs. I felt that she seemed really down-to-earth and normal, she didn’t have any pretentiousness about her. 
Before the talk I did a drawing based on the exhibition poster. I really enjoyed drawing the little patterns inside the leaves. Then as the talk went on I took notes beside it. I had planned to get her autograph on the opposite page, but a friend messaged me about meeting up, so I had to rush off! Instead I cut one of her patterns out of the brochure and added that to the page.

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